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14 Sep 2023
Dark Sky Photographers in Oregon and Florida

Oregon Road Trip Starry Night Photographer

These photo stories are our absolute favorite to blog about.  Lisa and Kevin booked us recently as their trusted wedding photographers for their big day next year, but as they were looking through our different creative sessions, they immediately fell in love with our Starry Night Sessions!  These sessions are very unique for us and our couples, as we basically travel them to ‘dark-sky places’.  These are rare locations around the planet that are so far away from the light-polluting […]

18 Nov 2021
Starry Night Photographer Badlands

Family Photographer Badlands South Dakota

The Knutson family portrait session is one we will truly never forget, for oh so many reasons!  Steven was absolutely ecstatic when Diane reached out about doing a family portrait session for them, especially since she’s expecting a new member of the family soon!  Now the trick was, they live in South Dakota, so Steven assumed they were visiting Orlando on vacation, but that was not the case.  They actually wanted to have Steven travel out to SD for their […]

17 Jun 2021
Dark Sky Wedding Photographer

Orlando Starry Night Session Photographer

We’ve been so excited to feature Amanda and Shun’s recent Starry Night Session with our photographer Steven at one of our favorite Florida State Parks, Kissimmee Prairie Preserve!  Now typically, summer is not our favorite season as photographers.  It’s getting hot outside, which means our couples tend to get tired quickly, or start sweating pretty fast, not to mention our equipment starts melting LOL!  However, for those of us who love photographing the night sky, it’s the most exciting time […]

28 Oct 2020
Florida Dark Sky Wedding Photographer

Dark Sky Florida Portrait Photographers

We truly cannot thank Philip and Alia enough for heading back out under our Florida dark skies for another try at Starry Night portraits!  Dark sky photographer Michael took them out earlier this year for their first session under the stars, but the clouds were just too thick to see anything.  We took them out once again this month to Florida’s only certified Dark Sky Park (by the International Dark Sky Association), Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, and once again, […]

03 Aug 2020
Milky Way Photographers in Florida

Dark Sky Florida Engagement Photographers

Summer and Mike were up for adventure since the moment we met them at our initial wedding consultation!  We started talking about our engagement sessions before they even booked, and they were immediately intrigued with our Starry Night experiences!!  Without hesitation, they said YES let’s do it, and we began our planning!!  Photographer Steven has been so excited for this session, and made sure to arrive early to our dark sky location, Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, Florida’s only official […]

23 Aug 2019
16 Aug 2019
04 Jun 2019
29 Mar 2019
Night Sky Wedding Photographers in Florida

Night Sky Photographers Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Florida

Night Sky Photographer Michael had an amazing time capturing the night sky engagement session of Nichole and Ricardo at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park!! We met Nicole and Ricardo during the day at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, which so happens to be one of our favorite places to camp and stargaze!  After sunset, we sat and talked around the campfire to get to know each other a little more, have dinner, and then waited for the stars to come out! Once […]

11 Sep 2018
Maternity Photos Under a Starry Night

Kissimmee Prairie Night Sky Milky Way Maternity Photos

Jamie and Sam are great friends of ours, and we were so excited when they came to us asking for a maternity session!  We photograph these sessions frequently, but this time we were asked for something a bit different!  Jamie was inspired by our new night sky portrait sessions, and she wanted this for their session!  Photographer Steven Miller jumped at the opportunity, and took them all the way to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park here in Florida! This particular […]