Orlando Wine and Cheese Tastings | Audubon Park Garden District Photos | Bastille Day 2014

We had the pleasure of capturing Audubon Park‘s annual Bastille Day celebration a few days ago!  This was the sixth year AP Gardens has been bringing this French celebration to the local Orlando community, and what an amazing setup is was!  The evening started with their coinciding Artisan Cheese and Wine Pairing, hosted by Chef Tonda Corrente of La Femme du Fromage.  Guests sampled five cheeses paired with French wines.

This was followed the same evening by Audubon Park’s Bastille Day celebration, also held at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  They offered quite a few outdoor activities, including a French-themed art show, Pin the Hat on Napoleon, croquet on the lawn, baguette fencing with baguettes provided by Olde Hearth Bread Company, and a French-inspired open air market featuring Tres Chic Vintage, Bamapana Vintage Men’s Clothing, Maria Bolton-Joubert’s caricature art, La Femme du Fromage, Retromended Vintage, Lady Day Vintage, and Whisk and Bowl.  There were also two food trucks present, The Crepe Company and Yum Yum Cupcakes!  Warrior One Power Yoga was also here providing free chair massages, and Oh La La Petanque Club provided petanque demonstrations.

Inside, we found guest Marie Antoinette signing autographs and joining guillotine photo opportunities via Whisker Works, and a theatre showing of ‘Charade’.  We also made a stop at Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux Cafe to capture their own Bastille Day celebration, featuring live music, French wines and brews, and Baked Brie.  P is for Pie was also showcasing a featured mini-French dessert with fresh berries.  We had a great time capturing this fun event, and can’t wait for next year!

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Photographer:  Steven Miller of Steven Miller Photography | Local Orlando Event Photographers

District:  Audubon Park Garden District | Orlando Main Street

Venue:  Emmanuel Episcopal Church

Cheese and Wine Pairing:  Chef Tonda Corrente of La Femme du Fromage

Open Air Market and Participating Vendors:  Tres Chic Vintage, Bamapana Vintage Men’s Clothing, Maria Bolton-Joubert Caricatures, La Femme du Fromage, Lady Day Vintage, Retromended Vintage, Whisk and Bowl, Warrior One Power Yoga, Olde Hearth Bread Company, Oh La La Petanque Club, Whisker Works

Food Trucks:  Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, The Crepe Company

Participating Restaurants:  Bikes, Beans and Bordeaux, P is For Pie Bake Shop

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