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Lowe and Behold, an Orlando wedding floral and decor event company, recently asked us to capture a variety of table setups to display for their clients, and the designs were so great that we decided to do a blog post on them!  Lowe and Behold specializes in wedding floral arrangements, but also provides detailed and unique table setups, including linen, chairs, and much more.  Adding these flairs to your wedding ceremony and/or reception can really be a talking piece during and after your wedding day, and your photographer can really show them off as well.  Having colorful, decorated tables can create some amazing room shots, especially in combination with up-lighting, typically provided by your wedding DJ.  Be sure not to overlook these details when planning your wedding day or corporate event, and wow your guests and/or clients!

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Photographer:  Steven Miller of Steven Miller Photography Orlando | Corporate Event Photographers

Table Decor and Floral Arrangements provided by:  Lowe and Behold

Venue:  Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress | Orlando Weddings

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