Loch Haven Park Swamp Sistas La La | Orlando Fringe Festival Photography

On May 16th, 2015 Park Ave CDs and singer-songwriter Beth McKee co-presented the Swamp Sistas La La on the Green Lawn in Loch Haven Park as one of the many acts during 14-day Orlando Fringe Festival. From 3-11PM festival attendees got to relax in the sun, play games in the park, eat great local food and listen to amazing artists!

In addition to Beth McKee’s album release, Sugarcane Revival, the event gave a great opportunity for attendees to learn and fight local hunger with good, and nutritious food. Those who attended had the opportunity to learn about and contribute to a few Central Florida food security organizations such as the Second Harvest Food BankP.E.A.S. FoundationThe Fresh Stop Bus, and Hebni Nutrition Consultants.

The Swamp Sistas is a grassroots community of 2,500 that singer/songwriter Beth McKee conceived as a way to connect the diverse women she met while touring the southeastern United States. Many thanks to the sponsors who helped put this event on: Park Ave CDsPeyton EntertainmentKessler CollectionNew Electric, LLCAlchemy SalonThe Smiling Bison, and Audubon Park Garden District 

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