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Our associate photographer Jessica recently captured the beautiful engagement party of Ayman and Tanya at the Hilton Daytona Beach Resort.  Their engagement follows Palestinian and Arabic traditions, which supports having an engagement party to announce and celebrate their actual engagement.  Here is how Tanya and Ayman describe their engagement:

In our culture, as we are Palestinian, the wedding process consists of multiple events from the time our families initially meet, all the way up until the actual wedding day. The engagement party is usually held when the engagement period is expected to be somewhat of a long period of time. Since our engagement was set to be a year, we threw the engagement party as a sort of prelude to the actual wedding itself and a way to announce to our families and friends that we are, in fact, engaged to be married. During the ceremony, the groom presents the bride with a gift of gold jewelry and puts it on her as a way to symbolize their union. Various sweets are distributed to the guests and the night is spent dancing in celebration of the new couple.

Jessica began the evening capturing family and personal portraits at their private family home, before heading to the Hilton Daytona Beach Resort for their indoor ballroom engagement party reception.  DJ Khalil rocked their dance floor and kept it packed throughout the night!  Their delicious food was catered by both TJ’s Fish and Chicken and Prince Sweet & Bakery.  It was a pleasure working alongside their videography team One Wing Films.  Shortly into the reception, Ayman presently gifts of jewelry to his bride to be Tanya, customary of Palestinian wedding tradition, followed by some energetic dancing!  We had an amazing time with Ayman and Tanya, and congratulations to them again on their engagement!!

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Photographer:  Jessica of www.StevenMillerPix.com | Orlando Wedding Photographers

Engagement Venue:  Hilton Daytona Beach Resort

Bridal Hair/Makeup:  Fleur De Lis Salon

Reception Catering:  TJ’s Fish & Chicken | Prince Sweet & Bakery

Reception DJ:  DJ Khalil | Arabic DJ and Events

Videography:  One Wing Films

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