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Leanne and Jason recently booked us to capture their special wedding day coming up in 2015, and booked quite a unique wedding venue; Danville Bed and Breakfast as seen on HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms!  Their wedding package includes a get-to-know-you engagement session so we get to know one another before the big day, and this couple requested to hold their session at the Danville Bed and Breakfast as well.  Even cooler, they requested more of a vintage style and tone for their engagement session, which this particular venue compliments very well!

To give you an idea, this particular venue looks similar to a modern warehouse on the outside, surrounded by beautiful acres of grass, trees, and gardens.  Inside is a beautiful home comfortable and suitable for a couple’s getaway for the weekend, and for bridal and groom preparations on the day of.  The kicker, though, lies in the front porch, in which the entire front of the building raises up to reveal the town of Danville, where the wedding receptions typically take place.  A quaint mid-century city setting is presented and replicated here, perfect for this engagement session!

We took Leanne and Jason around the property inside and out for their engagement session, and they even brought their pups along for part of the session.  We do have to admit, they broke their theming for a chance to ride segways, still a great photo op!  We CANNOT wait for their wedding day next year!  A special thank you to Dan Shaw and his family for touring us around the bed and breakfast, we’ll be back soon!!

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Photographer:  Steven Miller assisted by Michael of Steven Miller Photography | Vintage Wedding Photographers

Wedding Venue:  Danville Bed and Breakfast, Geneva FL | As Seen on HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms


Click here to view Danville Bed and Breakfast’s spotlight on HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms!!

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