Wine Tastings Orlando | Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse Vellagio | Fine Dining Photographer Orlando

Sadly, this was the last of Fleming’s 100 wine tastings in September!  We had a great attendance this time though.  Fleming’s had to open the … Read the rest

Sports Event Photography | 2011 Central Florida Sportys Awards | Corporate Photography Orlando

On September 24th, we were asked by our friends at Taps From Scratch to photograph their latest event, the Central Florida Sportys Awards, presented by … Read the rest

Pirate Theming Modeling Photographer | Bloody Pirates | Steven Miller Photography

We teamed with nerdyAWESOME! again for a very cool shoot with some eager characters!  Wish, Sarah, and Amanda played the part of pirates for this … Read the rest

Orlando Wine Events Photographer | Fleming’s Steakhouse Dr. Phillips | Fleming’s 100 Special Events

Once again we had the pleasure of shooting another Fleming’s 100 wine tasting at the Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Dr. Phillips, Orlando!  … Read the rest

Saunderstown Yacht Club Weddings | Amanda & Adam | Rhode Island Wedding Photographers

On September 10, we took a road trip to the beautiful state of Rhode Island for the wedding of Amanda and Adam!  It was the … Read the rest

Wine Tasting Photographer Orlando | Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse | Corporate Event Photography

We had the pleasure once again of photographing Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, in Orlando, Florida, for their third week of Fleming’s 100!  Each … Read the rest

Orlando Modeling Photography | Sonya Blade Mortal Kombat Cosplay | Video Game Photographer

In this nerdyAWESOME! shoot, we met Sarah, who played the awesome Sonya Blade, from Mortal Kombat!  She is a a second-generation United States Special Forces … Read the rest

Orlando Fashion Photographer | Super Mario Bros. | Geek Easy Video Game Photography

A couple weeks ago we were lucky enough to couple with nerdyAWESOME! again for our next shoot, our Super Mario nerdy model, Ashley!    We took … Read the rest

Orlando Modeling Photographer | Harry Potter Cosplay Photography | Steven Miller Photography Florida

Two weeks ago we were invited to another nerdyAWESOME! shoot with Bobby!  This time we met with Natasha, and she brought with her all of … Read the rest

Corporate Event Photography | Taps From Scratch | Orlando Jewish Community Center

Last weekend we were asked by a new company named Taps From Scratch to photograph their booth at the Jewish Community Center, in Orlando, Florida. … Read the rest