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We recently captured’s first pop up shop at the Orange Studio in Downtown Orlando, FL.  This event, called the Big Box of Orlando, showcased quite a bit of local and national brands and merchandise decorating the large warehouse.  Quite a few of our friends from Audubon Park Garden District participated as well!  It’s the perfect time of year for this type of fundraiser, as many locals are shopping for unique gifts for their loved ones!  Big Box of Orlando also hosted a brand new food truck, Tamale Co, a coffee bar and cupcake bar!  Interior design of this event was designed by Brendan O’Connor, merchandise was curated by Dana Marie Roquemore, and DJ Nigel provided the rocking music, spinning vinyl by the way!  Proceeds from ticket sales went to the Saving Grace In Uganda charity.

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Photographer:  Brian of Steven Miller Photography | Orlando Event Photographers

Holiday Event:  Big Box of Orlando

Event Producer:  Mark Baratelli |

Orlando Event Venue:  Orange Studio | Mills Ave

Charity:  Saving Grace in Uganda

Event DJ and Music:  DJ Nigel

Interior Design:  Brendan O’Connor

Participating Vendors:  West Elm, Hog Eat Hog, Old, Inc., Rifle Paper Co., 9th Letter Press, Lure Design, Hellbrand Leather, 4 Rivers Cookbooks, Wondermade Marshmallows, Craft a Brew, Hampton Chopping Blocks, Lineage Roasting, Top Hat Coffee by Blue Bird Bake Shop, Credo Coffee, Cloak and Dapper, Restoration Vintage, Bad Spade, Estrella De Mar, Real Thread, Burrow Press, Bumble & Bumble, Sultre, Shop at 851, Chronicle Stones, Modern Grace, Retromended, Forema, Other Peoples Property, and Dear Prudence.

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