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Last week we were hired by RE/MAX Downtown Orlando to capture not only their professional bio head shots, but also some interior room real estate shots of a home listing.  The only requests we have for these types of projects are to make sure that all rooms in the home are clean and organized by the owner, the owner or client must be home to assist with any staging or furniture movement, and to make sure any pets the owner has are away from the rooms we are photographing.  For this project, we had a very ‘dangerous’ little boxer puppy to worry about! (Just kidding!)

We captured long exposure images of each important room of the home, to ensure that as much natural lighting was being used as possible.  This ensures a professional look that adds warmth and contrast to the realty room shots.  We include several wide-angle images as well, to show off the larger rooms and provide a different look to our clients’ images.

We offer combination pricing packages for our Professional Real Estate Photography, and can create a custom package to suit your needs.  Our goal is always to keep our pricing and services as simple and hassle-free as possible, and we welcome any inquiries or questions you may have.  Give us a call or shoot us an email about your next Realtor Home session! 407.504.7314

Photographer:  Steven Miller of Steven Miller Photography | Corporate Photography Orlando

Client Company:  RE/MAX Downtown Orlando

Session Package:  Real Estate Home Image Session

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