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It’s getting to be that time of year here in Florida when the weather starts cooling down, the perfect time to capture those updated head shots for your professional use or for your associates!  Below are a recent collection of our two different styles of head shots, casual and professional bio!  For either style upon booking, we arrive on location at our client’s office or preferred location!

Our most popular head shot style is called casual head shots, often seen in Orlando publications such as Orlando Style Magazine!  Casual Head Shots present a relaxed, inviting appearance for our clients. This style is perfect for publications, social media pages, and business cards. We take advantage of natural light and/or minimal artificial lighting to achieve a simple yet refreshing image.  On location we capture a variety of images and show in camera what we’re capturing, ensuring that we’re capturing what they have in mind.

We also provide Professional Bio Head Shots, which are more in-depth and formal images.  Bio Head Shots are perfect for display on your corporate website, social media page, and business cards. They are more involved than Casual Head Shots, as we provide and assemble backdrops and professional lighting at a location most convenient for you.  Afterwards, we apply more advanced editing techniques including skin softening, blemish reduction, and backdrop vignette.

Let us know when it’s time for your team’s next set of head shots, and we’ll be happy to help!  If you have any questions please let us know!

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