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Back in October, we were asked by Orlando Style Magazine to capture some photos at the first annual Cows ‘n Cabs charity event, located in Winter Park, Florida.  The Cows ‘n Cabs charity is a great western themed event hosting some of the area’s prestigious, award-winning, and delicious culinary vendors!  They also pair up all of the amazing dishes with craft beer and wine from around the world!  They also the Landsharks band performing for the crowd, keeping their dance floor packed the entire night!  Proceeds from their live auction and raffle benefited Coalition for the Homeless, Community Outreach, and the Winter Park Y Scholarship Fund.  We were so glad to have been a part of this event!!!

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Photographer:  Steven of Steven Miller Photography

Venue:  Downtown Winter Park, Florida

Event Title:  Cows ‘n Cabs

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