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We were recently asked to capture the on-stage live performance of Seven, A Feast of Sins, at the 2014 Come Out With Pride Orlando  event.  This festival was held in the heart of Downtown Orlando at the Lake Eola Amphitheater, and took place over the course of 7 days around Lake Eola, celebrating the LGBT culture and community within Central Florida!  In particular, we were invited to help capture an amazing production with Anchor Point Entertainment called Seven, A Feast of Sins.  To sum it up, they are introducing an amazing EDM concert experience, with characters created based upon the seven deadly sins.

Their first character, Pride, and his thumping EDM single, was introduced by DJ Vitor Andrade during Come Out With Pride Orlando on Saturday night, and we were there to capture it!  Lead singer and performer Tim Christofore put on a great performance, providing an amazing routine with his team of dancers and performing live vocals for the hit track!  We also captured the electric atmosphere of the LGBT community around the amphitheater, it was unbelievable to capture!  The night even finished with an impressive fireworks display right over the lake!

We had an amazing time capturing this performance at such an amazing festival, and we can’t wait to capture the next character’s debut!!  Special thanks to Ray Fournier, Maria Sadovnik, and the Anchor Point Entertainment team for their help and coordination.  We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

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Orlando Photographer:  Steven Miller and Michael Fleming of Steven Miller Photography | Downtown Orlando Photographers

Orlando Event Venue:  Lake Eola Amphitheater, Lake Eola Park

Downtown Orlando Event:  2014 Come Out With Pride Orlando

Feature Performance:  Seven, A Feast of Sins | Pride

Orlando Event Production Company:  Anchor Point Entertainment

Introducing EDM DJ:  DJ Vitor Andrade

Click here to listen to Pride on ITunes!!
Click here to view their Promo Video from the Show!!


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