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We’re back capturing another Audubon Park Garden District event!  This event was titled Gardening for Wildlife, which was exactly that!  It was hosted by Jackie Rolly of the Florida Native Plant Society, in which she described that one of the reasons why we don’t see much of the natural Florida species is due to the lack of natural plants and trees that attract them.  This APGD event was held at Orlando Outfitters, a large fly-fishing store right in the heart of Audubon Park!  The delicious cupcakes were provided by Blue Bird Bake Shop, and Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour provided the alcohol sampling.  Big thanks to TJ of Orlando Outfitters and Jennifer Marvel of APGD for helping us out, and we look forward to Audubon Park Garden District‘s next event!

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Photographer:  Steven Miller of | Steven Miller Photography Orlando

Venue:  Orlando Outfitters | Orlando, FL

Presenters:  Jackie Rolly and Amanda Martin of Florida Native Plant Society

Hosting Organization/Community:  Audubon Park Garden District

Catering:  Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour | Blue Bird Bake Shop

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