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Dunkin Donuts brought us to Ormond Beach, Florida to capture their participation at the King of the Grill Competition in Rockefeller Gardens Park!  Sponsored by BrightHouse Networks, King of the Grill was a cook off event, comprised of various restaurants and amateurs involved in the competition!  The event was a fundraiser benefiting the Ormond Beach Chamber of Commerce and it’s support of local businesses!  Partners of the event included The Florida Hospital, Daytona Toyota, and Mitchell Noel Insurance Agency.

Dunkin provided complimentary samples of munchkins, including their seasonal pumpkin flavor, as well as Iced Dark Roast coffee and sweet tea.  They were also providing local coupons and DD Perks cards!  We had a great time capturing their tent and their biggest fans!

king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0001 king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0002 king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0003 king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0004 king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0005 king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0006 king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0007 king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0008 king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0009 king_of_the_grill_ormond_beach_florida_event_photographers_0010

Photographer:  Steven Miller of Steven Miller Photography | Ormond Beach Photographers

Venue:  Rockefeller Gardens Park | Ormond Beach, Florida

Event:  King of the Grill Competition

Sponsors:  Brighthouse Networks, Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, Daytona Toyota, Mitchell Noel Insurance Agency

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